LBCA are registered in England and Wales to carry out company audit work. 

Businesses over the current threshold are legally required to have an audit. However, if your turnover is less than this, you can opt to have an audit and some companies feel this is beneficial as it gives added peace of mind that the figures being reported give a true and fair view of the company and can also highlight any areas of weakness in internal systems and procedures.

If you don't want a full audit, we can also perform internal systems & controls reviews or more detailed Accounts work tailored to areas that  you may have concerns about, to give you this peace of mind.

LBCA Ltd and LBCA Holdings Ltd are registered to carry on audit work in the UK by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Details about our audit registration can be viewed at under reference number: C009199597 for LBCA Ltd & C004502024 for LBCA Holdings Ltd.

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